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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Danny Treacy

Suprisingly there was something at first thursday this month that I enjoyed more than Nina Katchadourian's Sorted Books, which I expected to be much more exciting in person than they actually were. Don't get me wrong, the photographs were impeccable sharpness and quality, presented in an interesting way [bright red walls! gutsy!] but as soon as I saw some of the actual sculptures of the books it just flattened the expierence, ironically enough.

Anyway, what I loved were these enormous prints by Danny Treacy at Blue Sky. He finds discarded clothing from a site, then melds it together into these bodysuits that he photographs himself wearing. Some are more discordant than others, but they always cover the entire form. These nearly humorous polyglots of multiple textiles are displayed among less decayed objects, the latter of which hold much more eeriness. Although the prints were stunning, I found his performance of sewing and actually wearing these garments to me more intriguing. Each image is titled "Them" and his entire body is obscured in each image. Had he photographed the garments as lifeless sacks, the dynamic would've changed completely for me.



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